Wine Appellations of Ontario Course

The Wine Appellations of Ontario: An Introductory Course for Wine Knowledge

Working with the Ontario wine industry, OCW has developed and produced a complete course for discovering and understanding winemaking, from the vineyard to the bottle, and for learning about the wine appellations of Ontario. This course book is used by many Ontario colleges and wineries as knowledge development for those studying in the wine, tourism and hospitality industry. The book is also designed to be used as a self-guided study book for anyone interested in learning more.


As the wine knowledge of the consumer is becoming more advanced and wine sales are increasing worldwide, it’s a great time to learn more about the Ontario wine industry. Ontario wineries are producing world-class wines by winemakers that have studied abroad, who have settled in Ontario for the challenge of a cool climate region and the innovation that thrives at Ontario’s wineries.


The course book covers all you need to know about Ontario wines, the regions, the appellations and the sub-appellations, food and wine pairing principles, how to serve wine and lots more. After reading the book, you will be more confident in your wine knowledge and be able to recommend wines to pair with foods, become familiar with the wines produced in Ontario and understand why Ontario is a great place to produce wine.

The course book is divided into six sections:

  • Section I: The Wine Appellations of Ontario
  • Section II: The Vineyard
  • Section III: Winemaking: From Vineyard to Bottle
  • Section IV: Wine Tasting, the Basics; Tips and Themes
  • Section V: Which Wine Should I Choose?
  • Section VI: Wine and Food Matching?

We have also included a teacher’s guide at the back of the book. This is a great tool to use for your own use as it describes exercises that can be completed with friends and explains how to structure tastings and sample food and wine pairings that support the principles for food and wine matching. Make a fun night out of it and explore Ontario VQA wines with local foods.

Certificate Process:

After studying the course book, readers are welcome to take an online exam of 50 multiple-choice questions on the book content. Those who achieve a score of 86% or higher will receive a Certificate of Merit.

The cost of each book is $35.00 plus (13%) HST, which includes the online exam and Certificate of Merit.
OCW Members receive a 50% discount